Saturday, June 26, 2010

Asia's First Biggest Loser Winner

9 March 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - With a total loss of 83kg, Indonesian David Gurnani, 25, has become the first ever Biggest Loser of Asia, beating the other finalists in the most taxing, strenuous and physically demanding competition ever crafted.

Tipping the scales at 157kg when he first entered the unscripted show last November on Hallmark Channel, King David, as he was nicknamed throughout the show for constantly topping the ranking board with his consecutive weight loss, shed a total of 55 kg in the penultimate episode of the contest, and another 28kg by the final round, to triumph against fellow competitors, Filipino Carlo Miguel, 32, Hong Konger Martha Lai, 20, and home favorite from Kuala Lumpur, Aaron Mokhtar, 30.

Following an amazing body weight loss percentage of 53%, King David walks away with the US$100,000 prize money, as well as a brand new Renault car.

But most importantly, he zips away a lot lighter and with his head held high as the first ever winner of Hallmark Channel's immensely popular Biggest Loser Asia.

Growing up with an overindulgent passion for food, eating has provided him his biggest thrill but with a fiancée on the side, and a future to look forward to, the change was to have good health and long more here

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